Our Staff

Registered Dental Hygienist

Our senior hygienist, Claudia, originally joined our staff in 2002 and returned in 2010.  “I have been a dental hygienist since 1990, and thoroughly enjoy my occupation, because I love helping people take care of themselves,” she says.  A transplanted Canadian, she moved to the South in the 60s, and now lives on a small farm in Fairview with her husband, Rick.  They have two children and a granddaughter. Claudia also enjoys gardening, riding horses and working with the wool that her sheep produce. Her husband is a stained glass artist. “We love living in Asheville because of the climate, nice people and supportive artistic community,” Claudia says.

Dental Assistant

Alonna has a busy life as a dental assistant, wife, and mom to three young daughters.   She enjoys their 1908 farmhouse and all kinds of outdoor family activities, including camping, hiking, swimming, and running.  Lately she has been running a series of road races, in a group that has included her husband, all three girls, and several different in-laws.  Before dentistry she worked in the hospitality industry.

Hygienist and Front Desk Coordinator

Stacey, an Asheville native, is a dental hygienist, a graduate of AB Tech, and our very versatile front desk coordinator.  Encouraged by her childhood hygienist and dentists, she began considering a career in dentistry as a pre-teen.  Previously she has worked for Ingles, Starbucks and Rush Fitness, and she continues to teach the nursery Sunday school class at Trinity Baptist Church.  Recently married, she is enjoying establishing a new home with her husband Brooks.  Stacey also plays softball and golfs on her days off. 


Office Coordinator

Weekends usually find Janna in the kitchen and garden.  Here she bottles nettle infusion, a recipe from herbalist Susun Weed, who suggests drinking up to a quart a day to provide concentrated nutritional support for optimum energy:  Use one once of dried nettle leaf per one quart of water.  Heat the water to boiling, turn it off, stir in the dried herb and let steep for at least four hours, or overnight.  Strain and squeeze the liquid from the herb.  The infusion keeps for several days in the refrigerator; compost the used herb.  Janna married Phil in 1988 and has worked with him for many years, after a varied career path including the news media and science writing for Clemson University.