Our Environment

Clean water is one of our most precious resources.  The profession of dentistry has a special responsibility for protecting our water.  In North Carolina, wastewater from dental offices has contaminated many rivers with mercury.  Researching this led Dr. Davis to produce this informational video about solving the problem. 

Janna volunteers for a local clean water initiative, gathering water samples from Hominy Creek near the dental office.  The Environmental Quality Institute's Volunteer Water Information Network, formerly part of UNC Asheville, and now part of the Western North Carolina Alliance, monitors water from this and other sites for various pollutants.


Healthy Smiles, Healthy Planet - It's all Connected!

Like all businesses and industries, the profession of dentistry has many opportunities to help protect the natural environment of the communities where we live and work. Here are some the efforts of our office and staff:

Protection from mercury

Dental amalgam fillings, which consist of about 50% mercury, have never been used in our facility. However, like all restorative dental offices, we do remove old dental fillings. For this reason our office is designed with the most advanced technology to remove even the most minute particles of mercury from our wastewater, preventing this toxic waste from entering the public sewer system or our waterways.

Digital XRs are cleaner

All of our X-rays are fully digital. Not only does this technology greatly reduce exposure to patients, it also eliminates the use of x-ray chemicals necessary to develop x-ray film. Therefore, we release none of these toxic chemicals into groundwater, streams or public wastewater.

Reducing paper use

Our office went "chartless" in 2011, which not only reduced our use of paper, but also improved our efficiency in so many other ways.  Our bookkeeping system was next.  We continue to convert more paper, and more clutter, into a digital format. 

Certified carbon neutral

In 2007 we became the first certified carbon neutral dental office in Western North Carolina. To achieve this, we have incorporated energy efficiency measures in all phases of our office operation. We invite you to join us! Together we can keep our air cleaner, use our resources more wisely, and combat the hazards of global warming.

Saving electricity and water

In addition to using a dental vacuum requiring 50% of the electricity of traditional units, our waterless vaccum system can reduce the overall water use in a dental office by 90%.

An organic touch

Our organic gardens, full of wild birds, perennial flowers, and edible landscaping, create a beautiful and nurturing setting for patients receiving dental treatment. Our landscape has been recognized with the Environmental Excellence Award of the community group Quality Forward, which promotes a greener Buncombe County.