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A confident smile is essential to style. But cleaner, brighter teeth are only part of the picture.

The mouth is an intricate, powerful, living system that you use every day to nourish your body and express your identity. For your best appearance, as well as comfort, durability and function, the teeth, underlying tissues, facial bones and joints must all work together in health and harmony.

The mouth is an essential link to – and mirror of – the immune system. Oral health can powerfully affect, and reflect, whole health. Western medical science increasingly confirms this long-time wholistic tenet.

Dr. Phil Davis

Asheville Dentist Phil Davis

A native of Macon, Georgia, Dr. Davis completed his bachelor’s degree in chemistry at the University of Georgia and his doctorate of dental surgery at Emory University in Atlanta. He then participated in a U.S. Air Force rotation program through the dental specialties, seeking an integrative approach to dental care. He established his general private practice in 1975 in Anderson, South Carolina, down the Saluda grade from Asheville.

At that time, patients were beginning to question the use of mercury-amalgam fillings. Dr. Davis heard this. He became one of the first practitioners in the Carolinas to stop using amalgam in his practice, and instead to emphasize biocompatible and environmental dental care. He became one of the early members of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, a scientific organization of dentists, physicians, biomedical researchers and others who seek to promote biocompatibility in dentistry. These interests led to his 1995 relocation to Asheville, where the integrative health community offers many opportunities for collaboration, learning, and patient support.

During this same period, the science, technology and art of dentistry have advanced dramatically. Patients have more options than ever before for restoring a healthy and beautiful smile.  The tools of digital dentistry will help you to see and co-create your personalized treatment plan and long-term strategy for dental health.  Still, these are only tools.  Dr. Davis strives to offer minimally invasive dental options, believing that true health grows organically from within.  This dentist is a gardener.  He seeks to support the nourishment of his patients.

A strong local farm movement and support for whole, organic foods were also magnets to Western North Carolina. Nourishment is the foundation of holistic oral health tradition, and the primary biological purpose of teeth.

An award-winning environment

Asheville Dentists, Phil Davis Dentistry

Dr. Davis established a new, state-of-the-art office in 2001, in a restored farmhouse near downtown Asheville. 

The office and staff are dedicated to serving health conscious people with gentle, personal attention. At the same time, patients enjoy nurturing surroundings of trees, wild birds and organic gardens.

Our landscape has been recognized by Asheville GreenWorks/Quality Forward, a group that promotes a greener Buncombe County, with its Environmental Excellence Award.